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Mission Statement: Our strategic intent is to help people find better ways to do great work by first gaining an indepth understanding of our Customers business, then researching all available technology and finally matching it in such a way so as to improve our customer's work processes and business results.


  1. We alway strive to" do what we say, we will do" with highest integrity.
  2. We believe what is BEST for our customers, is also what is BEST for us.
  3. We always strive to deliver quality and excellence in all that we do.
  4. We use innovative technologies to develop market leadership for our clients.
  5. We value and empower our employees/sub-contractors as true team members.
  6. We behave responsibly and contribute to society as a corporate citizen..

Company Vision: Our management is dedicated to providing a personalized and dependable service and we feel that can best be accomplished with a real team atmosphere. That team is comprised of trained knowledgeable and hard working professionals that engineer your solutions, process your paper work and answer your inquiries. They are key to insuring our customers recieve the quality of service that can only be provided by "The Voice, Data & Convergence Experts!"

Mackay Comtech is dedicated to continuous improvement of our systems through measurement and constant evolution.

All team members are encouraged to contribute and to accept individual responsibility for Quality, encouraging an environment that fosters motivation, creativity, communication and flexibility to achieve our goal of 100% Total Customer Satisfaction.

Customer Service: Customer satisfaction will not be compromised for own satisfaction. We deliver the highest quality of service and exceed our customers expectations.



James Mackay: President and founder

Background:James has enjoyed many years of success in assisting medium to large sized business grow their market share with Sales and Marketing leadership as well as systems, processes, and technology assistance in the role of General/Sales Manager or Technology Advisor. Most recently he has represented TELUS for the past 9 years as well as companies such as Visions Electronics, Canalta Group, NewCap Radio, Cervus LP, UFA, and Electro-tel. Email James

Jordan Eliason: Consultant / network specialist

Background: Cisco System Engineering Cert. 7 yrs telecomunications & network experience Email Jordan

Bruce Breedveld: Consultant / representative

Background: Bruce has spent more than 36 years in executive sales, marketing and consultative roles in both corporate and private business in the Telecom and business planning sectors. Bruce has had an award-winning carreer by assisting many organizations from a broad range of industries in streamlining their operations, by implementing effective solutions with a goal to improving efficiencies. Integrity is a guiding principle for Bruce's success. Email Bruce

Andrew Hagen: Network Specialist/Projects Manager

Background: 25+ years in project management, team leadership and networking Email Andrew

Dawn Hammond: Consultant / Representative

Background: Joining MacKay Comtech in 2009, Dawn has welcomed the opportunity to be part of a service driven organization committed to assisting companies in achieving their business and organizational goals. Prior to this current venture Dawn has spent more than 20 years in executive sales, marketing and consultative roles in both corporate and private business in the Telecom and office planning sectors. Dawn has assisted many organizations from diverse industries, in streamlining operations and implementing effective solutions with a goal to improving efficiencies. The key is understanding the client's core business objectives and organizational needs then developing solid planning/ implementation strategies and following through. In recent years Dawn has achieved Train the Trainer Certification and is currently near completion of the B.C Provincial Instructors Diploma Program to formalize her training and facilitation skills. Email Dawn

Jagminder Klair: Consultant / server and applications specialist

Background: Bachelor of Science Major: Computer Science. Dynamic, skilled IT Specialist with proven success in managing network systems for the communication, and manufacturing industries. Proven leadership capabilities in cutting IT maintenance costs, providing workable strategies for maximum effectiveness. Knowledgeable in database systems, programming languages (Java, C, C++, C#, PHP, JSP, ASP, ASP.Net). 7 yrs telecomunications & network experience Email Jag

Louise Long: CSR/order processing specialist

Background: Many years of telecomunications & network experience in order processing. Email Louise

Carol MacKay: Controller

Background: MBA, RTA, Partner in MacKay Comtech Email Carol







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